WHY IS THE BURGUNDY PACKED AS A GIFT? The Christmas ice rink is currently being built on the Grote Markt. But there is something very striking to see: the Burgundian is packed as a present. Why is that?

That is not just Christmas decoration, says owner Jimmy Devilee. "Eating out or having lunch is a pleasure for many people. But sometimes we forget that this is not at all 'ordinary' and that some people can not afford it. "

"Now that the Christmas period is approaching, we want to keep people who can not just eat out with a warm heart. That is why we donate to the Food Bank. As a kind of gift. And that is why we have packed our restaurant as a great gift! "

PENSION GIFT FOR GOOD MEETING On Wednesday 28 November 2018 we had the pleasure to receive Mr Gerard Kort and wife Lia.

Gerard gave us a very special present: The money that is normally reserved at Cargill for the festivities surrounding the retirement of an employee was donated by Gerard in its entirety to the Food Bank. We found that very special and also made a substantial contribution. Of course we talked extensively with them and gave further explanation about the ups and downs of Goed Ontmoet. After the visit, Gerard said: "My wife and I thought it was a very informative and fun evening. I'll visit again there and see if I can be useful. " VIEW THE PHOTOS ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE!

AUCTION ENTREPRENEURSAL GALA 2018Once again this year we organized an auction for charity. As a charity this year the Food Bank Goed Ontmoet was chosen.

For the food bank, we would like to contribute to the purchase of a refrigerated truck.
Thanks to generous bidding during the internet auction and during the gala itself an amount of no less than € 11.040, - was collected which goes directly to Voedselbank Goed Ontmoet.

2290 packs of coffee for Food Bank Good Meet

Returning coffeepoints from Douwe Egberts for Food Bank Goed Ontmoet. Residents of Bergen op Zoom, Steenbergen, Woensdrecht and Tholen did it massively. The result: Goed Ontmoet has received no less than 2290 packs of coffee.

Good Meet goes for sustainable

Thanks to the sponsorship of the Stadlander housing association, solar panels have been installed on the roof of the warehouse of the food bank in Bergen.

Mo put in the limelight

During the New Year reception of the Goed Meet food bank, Mo was put in the limelight by the board. All volunteers were thanked for their dedication, but in particular Mo Eid. Without Mo they would not have run flawlessly. He was thanked with a gift voucher and a flower for his unbridled dedication. read more .

Food bank can now also access the internet in CalfvenThe food bank Goed Ontmoet at The "remise" at the Trambaan in Calfven had another wish: a better digital reach. On Thursday, the organization received a check that made it possible. 

Fort "Smakelijk"

On November 22, over 150 volunteers of Goed Ontmoet were treated by the board in Fort "Smakelijk" to a dinner in the context of the 10th anniversary of the food banks in South West Brabant and Tholen.

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