The issue of food is every week on a fixed day and a fixed time. That time is agreed with you.

Take two big bags with you. You need it to put the food into it. When picking up food, you report at the counter. There you are noted that you are there. Depending on your family size, your package will then be composed.

Without a valid identity card, issuing the package is impossible.

If you do not pick up a package or if someone else takes the package for you, you must report this in advance. This can be done by telephone on the day of pick-up at fixed times. Give the person who collects your package your pass or ID, or a copy of it.

It is not intended that you send a text message or WhatsApp or voice voicemail.

These are not answered.

If you do not pick up your package twice without notice, you will not receive a food package next time. You must first have a conversation again. You must register again for this.

Even if you do not come to an interview without deregistration, you will no longer receive a food package.

Sometimes it is clear that you only need food aid for a short period. We review your situation with each callĀ income and expenses. We also discuss what you can do to get back to your food as quickly as possiblecan take care of it.

If the maximum period of 3 years has expired, the provision of food will stop. We discuss this with you beforehand. If you wish to register again, a waiting period of 2 years applies.

There is little to choose. We depend on what we receive and we distribute it as honestly as possible.

If you do not want certain products or if some products are not suitable for you (for example due to an allergy), leave them at the food bank. We can then make someone else happy with it.

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