WithIn the Netherlands there are two issues on which the activities of the Goed Ontmoet Food Bank are based: on the one hand there is enormous food wastage and on the other hand there is the fact that thousands of inhabitants of our country live in poverty. Even the provision of good food is in fact no longer possible for many. The food bank aims to prevent as much food waste as possible by providing surplus good food free of charge to those who can not afford it during a limited time due to any circumstances.

The food bank works with 150 pure volunteers - nobody receives any compensation - to solve for this problem for 6 municipalities in the Suth West of the Netherlands. Goed Ontmoet does have costs (transport, storage, cooling, insurance, taxes, maintenance of materials and means of transport, rent, etc.) and therefore tries to obtain sufficient financial resources through an appeal on society. As part of coaching and supervision, the volunteers try to assist the clients to regain control over their own lives and to regain their independence ...

"Goed Ontmoet" Foundation
Abr. de Haanstraat 14
4624 HX Bergen op Zoom.
Tel: 0164-270290
E-mail: info@goedontmoet.com

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