Food bank expands and changes the acceptance standard for customers

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From January 1, 2018, the admission standards of the food banks will change significantly. On the one hand, the classic standard amounts of the food bank are increased by 7%. On the other hand, the admission standards are calculated in a different way, using figures from the Nibud minimum sample budgets.. This is new and involves a different method of allocation. For example, more expenditure items are taken into account and customers are more likely to be eligible for a package.
Effectively, the change amounts to an extension of the admission criteria of almost 100 euros.

Increase standard amount
The standard amounts will also be extended in 2018. The basic amount per household is increased by € 10 to € 130. In addition, the amount per person is increased by € 5 to € 85.

The basic amount per household: € 130
The basic amount per person: € 85

Admission standard (in euros per month)

Per 1-1-2018

Per 1-1-2017

1 person

€ 215 (130+85)

€ 200

2 adults

€ 300 (130+2*85)

€ 280

1 adult and 1 child

€ 300 (130+2*85)

€ 280

1 adult and 2 children

€ 385 (130+3*85)

€ 360

2 adults and 2 children

€ 470 (130+ 4*85)

€ 440

1 adult and 3 children

€ 470 (130 + 4*85)

€ 440



Use Nibud numbers

The food banks have used the Nibud sample budgets to determine the authorization standards of the food banks. They want to make it clear how they arrive at admission criteria. The food banks have made their own calculation based on the expenditure figures that Nibud uses in these Nibud model budgets.

As a result, account is taken of more expenditure items (up to € 79) than before.

On balance, both changes lead to an increase of € 94 for a single household (rising by € 5 per extra person in a household).
The food banks broaden this standard now that they comply with the food safety requirements of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the supermarkets consequently donate more food that would otherwise be thrown away. 

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