The Food Bank collects products from producers and distributors of food that, for one reason or another, can not be sold, but which is still 100% good and suitable for consumption. Maybe because the product is phased out, there is excess stock, the THT date is too close to sell the product anymore through regular channels. Products of which the expiry date has already expired are neither collected nor provided by the Food Bank, unless the supplier submits a written statement in which the quality of the product is guaranteed by that supplier and that he assumes responsibility for this. Food bank Goed Ontmoet performs its activities in accordance with the rules of the food safety manual. By satisfying sufficient compliance from an approved Hygiene Code, Goed Ontmoet meets its legal HACCP obligations from the regulation EG852 / 200 and has an inspection certificate.

The collected products are distributed weekly to families who meet the criteria formulated by the Food Bank. Goed Ontmoet guarantees that the donated products will no longer be used for commercial purposes, but only to help people in need.


Companies, churches, institutions, associations and individuals support Food Bank Goed Ontmoet.

The municipalities of Bergen op Zoom, Halderberge, Roosendaal, Tholen, Woensdrecht and Steenbergen have issued a letter of intent indicating that they endorse and support the activities of the Goed Ontmoet Food Bank.

The foundation has regular contact with other food banks for, among other things, mutual exchange of food. Also there is a cooperation with various (referring) authorities such as social work and social service.

Food bank Stichting Goed Ontmoet is affiliated with Voedselbanken Nederland. This is the national, umbrella organization of food banks. Through this organization, within the Netherlands, is divided into eight regions. Each region has its own Distribution Center (DC) where goods are collected, stored and distributed to the local food banks in the region concerned. Stichting Goed Ontmoet is part of the Brabant-Zeeland region. In addition, there are contacts with various other organizations. It is good to work together in non-profit areas. It prevents possible duplication, it increases the goodwill in society and can lead to an increase in efficiency.

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